Stories – we’ve all got them. Happy or triste, funny or serio. They are all different from one another, de persona a persona. How can I share mi historia and help someone who may be going through the same ahora? How do I get my voice heard and make a difference?
How do I make un impacto? What can I do ?

Join TOLD, a Digital Storytelling Workshop, and create your own personal story or become an intern for the LYMI and produce a media piece highlighting your personal story, family, community and/or someone in our community.

Are you an American Graduate Champion? Watch local stories of unsung heroes. #AmGradWGBY


THANK YOU everyone for making this evening a great success.


A Tribute to Hector Ofray
Video Created by Zydalis Zayas – We miss you!


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WGBY's Connecting Point special
series about Gerena School.
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